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July 13, 2009, 6:02 pm
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Somerset House is quite an apt venue for Grace Jones really. Its palatial grandeur put up a brave fight against Grace’s regular and ostentatious costume changes (one every song). And its acoustics were incredible. I struggle to think of even an indoor show that has sounded quite as lush as tonight.

Apparently Grace Jones packed a big punch in the 80s. But perhaps we shouldn’t dwell on that too much, that’s all in the past now. Tonight Grace seems a much more friendly character than that now infamous interview might have led people to believe. ‘This is a party’ she regularly declares in a mischievous husk. And it was. Disco moments like ‘Pull up to the Bumper’ and the fantastic ‘William’s Blood’ were probably received best but the entire set was one big, rich, funky, sexual groove. Towards the close of the set Grace had her stage invaded by friends and guests who had their very own party onstage.

Grace played songs past and present and was always keen to credit everyone involved. Closer ‘Hurricane’ is the title track from Jones’ most recent album. It was originally recorded in the late 90s but says something about what Grace Jones has done throughout her career. So far they are standing the test of time and still sound new. She’s 61 years young apparently, if you can believe that. This being the case, I can confidently tell you all that is possible for the mature woman to work wonders with a dance pole and a leotard.


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